Company Overview

Avitide provides an industry-leading custom affinity purification discovery service. The Avitide platform discovers and optimizes selective affinity ligands specific towards customer’s targets for use as bioprocess purification resins in a matter of 4-6 weeks. Avitide’s proprietary affinity ligands are implemented across an array of industry-accepted resins for selective and scalable chromatographic separations.

Avitide enables an alternative to conventional purification resin scouting and process development by providing our customers with a novel affinity capture resin. Beyond merely simplifying unit operations, the selective capture of isoforms enables the prospect of improved product definition, quality and potency. The Avitide platform reduces process development timelines, product and program risks, and cost of goods by providing turnkey, cost-effective, and highly selective affinity purification solutions. Rapid service times integrate seamlessly into process development timelines, providing improved line-of-sight, platform operations, predictable scale-up, and unparalleled product resolution from a single, highly selective affinity purification product. Avitide also offers access to unparalleled bioprocess intellectual property advantages compared to conventional purification technologies as a novel approach to achieve high-resolution product definition in competitive biopharmaceutical markets such as biosimilars and bio-betters.

Avitide is led by a team with substantial relevant expertise and a track record of success in bioprocessing and in commercializing innovation. Avitide’s founders include: Tillman Gerngross, Co-founder and CEO of Adimab, Co-founder and President of Arsanis, Co-founder and CSO of GlycoFi (a wholly-owned subsidiary of Merck & Co since 2006), and Professor of Engineering at Dartmouth College; Errik Anderson, Co-founder and COO of Adimab, and Co-founder and Board Member of Arsanis; Kevin Isett, Head of High-throughput Manufacturing at Adimab, and Sr. Biochemical Engineer at Merck Bioprocess R&D; Warren Kett, Co-founder and CTO of Glycan Biosciences; and Jonathan Sheller, Director Finance & Operations for Arsanis, and Founder of Bedrock Ventures.

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